It is our sincere desire and focus that your experience with our store is successful and positive in every way. Please make your needs known to us and we will do everything we can to make sure they are met in an effective, responsive, convenient and timely manner.

We have a long, established and successful history of trust and respect with the manufacturers whose products we sell and almost all of the products we sell are manufactured in the United States, with the few that are not being from Canada.

While we do not offer our own independent warranties on the products we sell, all of the products we sell are warranted by the respective manufacturers. Should a warranty issue arise, please contact us and we will assist you in processing any such issues with the manufacturer. Please carefully check all items upon delivery and alert the delivery person to any damaged items. Please also photo document and make notes of any items that arrive damaged or that experience problems after receipt which you believe may be covered by the warranty. Please also let us know and provide us with copies of any documentation by email, telephone or mail as soon as possible after the damage or problem is discovered. If it appears that the issue may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, we will help you submit and have processed a warranty request in accordance with the manufacturer’s specified warranty procedures and policies.

We offer delivery to every state in the continental United States through the use of commercial freight carriers. While the price of freight varies based on a variety of factors, generally freight is 5%-12% of the pre-tax purchase price of the products. We would be happy to include a specific freight amount in any price quote requested.

*Lastly, we often have specially priced close out and/or overstocked items, commercial customer and other special discounts available that are not specifically listed on this site. Please feel to call or email to inquire about any such offerings.


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